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Bhavesh Ratnam – working together to achieve new heights


As a Director at Vincit, Bhavesh Ratnam leads SAP Processes Delivery, a role that encompasses a myriad of responsibilities. "While I've led teams in previous positions, my role at Vincit transcends mere delivery," explains Bhavesh. "Here, I oversee every facet of team operations, from ensuring seamless project delivery to fostering employee engagement and nurturing competency development. It's a comprehensive role that demands a holistic approach."

Luckily, this broader responsibility suits Bhavesh perfectly. “With extensive experience in SAP, I believe I can leverage my expertise to make a broader impact in this role," he expresses. "I am a team player and recognize the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving success.” 

An eventful career leading to Vincit

Bhavesh earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in India, majoring in mechanical engineering and industrial management. Following his graduation in 2006, he started his career as an SAP consultant at IBM. During this tenure, he held various roles and collaborated with clients across North America (primarily USA), Canada, Asia, and Europe. He lived in the USA (near Chicago) for four years, on and off, between 2008 and 2012. It was during this time that Bhavesh closely observed the impact of SAP programs and enhancements on customer businesses. This experience provided him with clarity on how his work affects numerous individuals, offering him a fresh perspective that changed him from a programmer to a consultant. 

In 2015, Bhavesh moved to Finland while remaining with IBM. Subsequently, he joined CastorIT, a SAP Consulting firm, as a Managing Consultant. CastorIT later merged with Bilot and subsequently became a part of Vincit. At Vincit, he has had the opportunity to apply the skills acquired throughout his extensive and dynamic career.

A focus on fairness  and community

“One aspect of Vincit that I appreciate is our commitment to creating a fair and equitable environment for everyone. Part of that responsibility also falls on me," explains Bhavesh. At Vincit, transparency is important, allowing individuals to make decisions for themselves and their teams within certain parameters. The company values the principle of shared responsibility.

Fostering a sense of community is also highly valued at Vincit. Nurturing this community spirit presents a significant challenge in leadership roles, particularly with recent mergers and the evolving nature of work, where remote and hybrid arrangements are becoming more prevalent. "Because I’m in a leadership role, I work to help bring people together – of course it’s up to the individual, but if you want to be part of a community we work to encourage that,” says Bhavesh.

Embracing the journey

“As a child, I spent six years living in a boarding school, staying more than 500 km away from the city I was born. One thing we used to say then was ‘how green is our valley’ because our school was like a green oasis in a busy city. Now, I find myself in another lush green valley – Finland. Despite its ups and downs, Finland is now home for my wife and me.” 

Looking to the future, Bhavesh continues to see himself working to help lead the company towards greater growth. “At Vincit, we’re poised for growth. I’m optimistic that Vincit has a great future ahead. I strongly believe that if you’re working for a company, you’re tied to the company's future – we succeed or fail together. Now, the stage is set for us to achieve new heights.” 


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