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Blog: Kent C. Dodds Mix!


The Testing Expert and Open Source Guru!

This week we welcome Kent C. Dodds into the duck pond!

Kent is the creator of the hugely popular TestingJavaScript website! His #1 course teaches all 4 types of application testing, and he manages to explain it all in only 7 modules requiring less than 6 hours of your attention. His website features accolades and recommendations from ALL of the JavaScript development community's top developers!

When we asked Kent how he started his development career, he detailed his participation in the open source community, and described how everyone can and should involve themselves with open source projects, especially if you are looking for mentorship! "It's like having 10,000 mentors". We also got to hear what his favorite playlists are when coding, and he shared with us the exclusive (it's exclusive, right?) news that he is currently writing his first fantasy novel!

We learned so much taking with Kent, and hope he comes back soon to tell us more about his novel and projects!

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!! We are giving TWO Duck Tapes subscribers access to a Wes Bos Master Course! His courses Fullstack Advanced React.JS and GraphQL and ES6 for Everyone are two of his best courses to date! The first place winner will have the opportunity to choose which course to receive.

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