Laurence Bradford Mix!

Tiffany Hall
September 30th 2019

Anyone Can Become a Developer. Start by Learning Something New Every Day!

This week we welcome Laurence Bradford into the duck pond!
Laurence (you can pronounce it like Luh-ronze) is the founder of Learn to Code with Me, the website, podcast and blog that helps new and junior developers grow their skills and careers! In this episode, we ask Laurence about her personal journey transitioning from finance and economics into coding and web development. We learn her top learning strategies for mastering new skills and discover that she has a lot more experience in education and teaching than even we expected!
We get to hear Laurence share about her time working with other development companies before she took the steps to start Learn to Code with Me, originally a blog and now includes a weekly podcast. Learn to Code with Me has grown to be so popular it is now the primary focus of her work life and Laurence is soon to release her first comprehensive course for helping people transition into development and grow their coding skills!
Thanks for sharing with us Laurence! We loved getting to know more about you and Learn to Code with Me in this episode!
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