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Blog: Nader Dabit Mix!


Nader shares how you can immediately start using AWS to launch fun, straightforward and awesome applications!

This week we welcome Nader Dabit into the duck pond!

Nader (pronounced Na-Der because it took me a while to get that) is currently working with Amazon to manage and perfect their AWS Amplify and AppSync services! Alongside his development work for AWS and personal projects, he gives back to the development community as a speaker, author and podcaster.

His github account is full of open source mini-projects he has built to demonstrate what can be done with AWS DevOps, and his clear, detailed explanations of each service (especially Amplify and AppSync) make it easy for everyone to follow along and get started creating and deploying their web and mobile applications!


Nader is a futurist and a go-giver, and takes care to always be pushing forward for a better world and a better future for all of us!

If you have always wanted to try DevOps, but never new where to start, this is the mix for you! Listen today!

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