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Blog: Wes Bos Mix!


Welcome back to Duck Tapes, where we chat with various industry leaders about exciting news and trends in the world of online development. Today we're talking with programmer and online instructor Wes Bos. 

Wes Tells Us How He Became the Teacher of THOUSANDS!

This week we welcome Wes Bos into the duck pond!

Wes is an online instructor and JavaScript guru. His website hosts his catalog of software development courses that have been completed by hundreds of thousands of students. He also co-hosts the tech podcast Syntax, repairs antique bicycles, and runs his business from home beside his wonderful family!

Our conversation with Wes began with him sharing 'how do you get started as an online instructor'? 'How do you earn recognition'? He shares the reasons behind his success, and the skills and smart work necessary to take advantage of opportunities right in front of you. We also discussed his thoughts on how to stay up to date with changes in the industry and learned some of his favorite tools/extensions to use in his daily work!

Wes has an amazing story to share. We wish him the best and hope we have the chance to speak with him again soon!

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!! We are giving TWO Duck Tapes subscribers access to a Wes Bos Master Course! His courses Fullstack Advanced React JS and GraphQL and ES6 for Everyone are two of his best courses to date! The first place winner will have the opportunity to choose which course to receive.

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