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Delta9 Branding & Identity

Delta9 offers a superior line of vape pens and CBD products but they felt their brand presence didn't reflect as such. A distinct brand identity was created in return which visually repositioned them as the number one cannabis-based product, for both medicinal and recreational users.

Creating a brand based off of science

We established a story by defining the meaning of Delta9 through the logo, identity and packaging. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis plants.

Delta9 Science

Delta9 Blueprint

Formulating the identity

A strong, identifiable and memorable brand was a must for Delta9’s long-term success. Our solution took us through the development of brand guidelines, to ensure a consistent and quality driven style for longterm success.

Delta9 Typography

Delta9 Logo Banner

Integrating identity with packaging

The team integrated the look-and-feel of the brand into the packaging, where consistency in quality was held at the highest priority.

Delta9 Cbd Right 4

Delta9 Main Logo

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