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KCRW is one of California’s best known public radios. They innovate with a unique mix of content such as music discovery, NPR news, cultural exploration and informed public affairs. KCRW teamed up with Vincit to spread their content globally through feature-rich apps for iOS and Android.

Modern Development

The Apps were rebuilt from the ground up in effort to modernize the user experience. KCRW led visual design and Vincit led software development. The Apps were built using React Native, which allowed the dev team to build new features rapidly for both iOS and Android.

Music curation and discovery is at the core of KCRW’s identity. The new Apps have tight integrations with Apple Music and Spotify, enabling users to engage more meaningfully with KCRW’s curated content through their Apple Music or Spotify accounts.

Vincit is a partner by all definition. They did more than just engineer our apps, but also guide us through the process while being flexible, solid communicators, exceptional engineers, and just fun people! We look forward to launching and growing our apps with them!

Juan BonignoDirector of Digital Operations

The Apps were built with the mindset of giving more control to users. Some useful features along those lines include pausing live radio, saving Music and Podcasts to a custom feed, as well as exploring and using Fringe Benefits for KCRW members.


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