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Partner portal is the digital key to success 

iLOQ revolutionizes locking, security business, and operation models with smart, digitally functioning comprehensive solutions. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems with sustainable solutions that eliminate the problems related to copying and losing keys, at the same time reducing both maintenance needs and life cycle costs. At the core of their work is the dealer-partner network. Read how we helped to develop the iLOQ Partner Portal to break down the traditional barriers of B2B collaboration.

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New times require new tools

iLOQ is a fast-growing Finnish technology company that leads the transformation of mechanical locking by turning mechanical locks into digital, mobile phone-based access management. iLOQ decided to thoroughly revamp structures that took decades to form and turn digital opportunities into improved partner experiences. The objective was to build a portal that helps the dealers. To solve this problem, Vincit offered their service design, concept and UI/UX design and architecture design to iLOQ. 

The new tool helps our dealers to take better care of their customers. It is now ready – we are very satisfied with both the outcome and the collaboration with Vincit. When it comes to this kind of ventures, the architecture is never quite finished: together, we keep developing the service further.

Jukka Penttinen, Digital Transformation Manager, iLOQ

Every link of a service chain stronger than before

The portal provides tools for personnel knowhow, customer support, marketing, branding, and innovative business development etc. In addition, the iLOQ Partner Portal was designed as a channel that makes handling daily routines easier. The portal enables information distribution, communication and order-placing to run smoothly.

Managing the end-customer’s life cycle in a holistic way provides several points of encounter where the dealers can make a positive impact. iLOQ Partner Portal pays attention to every link of the service chain and all their partners’ needs. In addition, the portal is a part of iLOQ’s continuous change towards better practicality, economy, safety, and sustainability. It enables high-quality digital partner experiences, helps the dealers’ work with end-customers and offers tools for more innovative business development.

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Expertise used

Service design
Concept work
UI/UX design

A good start to a joint journey towards mutual success

The launch of iLOQ Partner Portal went well, and the portal has already shown positive effects. The dealers have been satisfied with the new service. Thus, good collaboration and agile portal development with Vincit continues. iLOQ states that the launch was just the first step on a long journey; the desire to support the dealers’ success and productive work remains strong.