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Less hassle, more fun with digital services that just work

Tampereen Särkänniemi Ltd. is a tourism company founded in 1966 and it is owned by the City of Tampere. Särkänniemi is a place for joy and experiences, it is Finland’s largest and most versatile leisure center and the largest attraction in Tampere. Särkänniemi consists of several experience sites: Theme Park, Aquarium, Näsinneula Observation Tower and Doghill Fairytale Farm. Näsinneula houses one of the best fine dining restaurants in Finland. Särkänniemi is also home to the Sara Hildén Art Museum, managed by the City of Tampere.

Särkänniemi Amusement Park’s smooth new website and online store leave more time for fun, and the modern ticket system and ticket scanning app simplify the park staff’s workflow. Vincit rebuilt the whole digital customer journey for a hassle-free visitor experience and an easier everyday for the staff. 

Särkänniemi amusement parl
Särkänniemi amusement park

More time for joy with functional online services

Särkänniemi is a place for joy and experiences, Finland’s largest and most versatile leisure center and the largest attraction in Tampere. Särkänniemi set out to enrich the visitor’s experience to a level where they keep coming back for more. The park also wanted to make life easier for the staff and increase the revenue of existing business. It was time to replace outdated systems and manual work with smooth digital solutions.


Vincit has not only the required perception, but also humility to consider the sides of the business that maybe aren’t rocket science but still need to be taken into account. Vincit’s way of working makes everything unbelievably fun, which is another extremely significant factor. Everything that Särkänniemi does must be based on joy and a childlike eagerness to dive into new things.

Miika Seppälä, CEO, Särkänniemi


From precise specs to a new customer journey

Our team rebuilt the whole digital customer journey, including a more functional and accessible website and online store and a new ticket scanning app for the staff. The website was built on an AWS cloud, and the store runs on a Shopify platform. We also created under-the-hood integrations for the checkout system and reporting, topped with an easy-to-use administrator interface.

A job well planned is a job half done, so we started out by crystallizing the specifications in design-led workshops. Design and development progressed quickly with help of our expert team.


Expertise used

Digital business development
Digital platform services
Full solution design & development
Data & analytics
App design & development


The user experience and accessibility of the website and store took a big leap forward. Buying tickets and planning a visit to the park is now simple, and the dynamic pricing system offers big savings opportunities for pre-bookings. Thanks to the new ticket scanning app, visitors now have faster access to their fun park day when they arrive.

Updating the new website is quick and easy, and the new user interface of the ticket system allows for easier reporting and ticket management.