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Global Healthcare App Developers

We provide healthcare and medical app development for leading smartphone platforms. Our portfolio of healthcare clients range from small medical startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Our full service approach brings expertise from all areas including seasoned medical and healthcare app developers, UI/UX designers, brand strategists and project managers.

HIPAA and Security Compliance

Vincit’s team of healthcare app developers have an intimate understanding of how HIPAA compliance and regulations works and how it should be factored in medical application development. In fact, our team of developers have extensive experience working with the security and other compliance concerns that healthcare institutions must navigate when doing business, especially online and in an application.

Top notch healthcare application engineering

Vincit’s healthcare app developers and engineers are the cream of the crop. We’ve tackled the most complex and unique medical app projects. These include integrations with 3rd party systems and databases and balancing the multitude of user requirements that exist in the medical field.

Technologically versatile healthcare app developers

Creating healthcare applications that can be used by all users means that the application must be technologically versatile. Our healthcare app development teams are technology agnostic. If the goal is to have a health app that has as much reach as possible, we can complete the puzzle. We can handle setting up the infrastructure, building APIs, integrating to 3rd party services, and developing across web, iOS and Android apps.

You're in good hands

When working with Vincit’s healthcare app development team, you will receive a full service development experience. Equipped with seasoned business professionals, expert medical app developers, visionary designers and savvy team leads. Your healthcare app will receive the full development treatment.

Why Vincit for Healthcare Application Development?

Vincit is a world renown healthcare mobile application development company with offices around the globe. However, we prize local collaboration with our clients. Our app developers are based all around the US and Europe, with offices in LA, Orange County and Finland.
The best measure of success for us is client and employee happiness. Therefore, we put heavy emphasis on collaboration with our clients. Vincit health app developers are results driven and take a user-centric approach. We tailor our medical app development and our services with your bottom line in mind. Our development team is technology agnostic; we’ll work with any technology that delivers the results your team needs. Communication is our strong suit. We will keep you in the loop from early concepts to prototypes and from testing to delivery.

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