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Today, radio competes with dozens of other streaming platforms that give users more control over the content they consume — but it doesn’t have to be this way. By delivering services through unique applications, radio stations can give listeners the convenience and control they expect without losing the radio feel that they trust.

Tune in. Tune up.


Reflect your voice;
Modernizing your model doesn’t mean abandoning the voice that audiences love. We’ll get to know you on a deeper level and build an app that captures your personality perfectly.


Create new experiences;
Today’s listeners want more control. We’ll implement features like curated DJ playlists, events, interviews, and membership benefits that meet expectations and drive usage.


Integrate with today’s tech;
We focus on holistic user experiences, so we build apps to work across iOS and Android apps, and integrate with Google Car, Apple Music, Spotify, Carplay, and others. 


Evolve affordably;
The media landscape and user behaviors around content consumption change by the day. We’ll design tools that are built to change without costing an arm and a leg. 

Services and solutions

SAP enterprise solutions
SAP S/4Hana implementation
Tricentis test automation
SAP enterprise solutions
Enterprise platform support
SAP architecture design

Mobile app development

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to plan, design, and build apps that give users the features they expect while building on the loyalty you’ve already established with them. 

Maintenance and support

We regularly update your app with the latest stable languages and libraries to facilitate faster and more affordable development in the future.

Ad strategy integration

Ad revenue is key to your business strategy, but listeners don’t like ads. We’ll help you balance the realities of your needs and the experience of your listeners.

Personalized experiences

We build the curated content functions users want, so they can listen on their own terms — streaming, live, offline, and on-demand functions.

SAP enterprise solutions
SAP S/4Hana implementation
Tricentis test automation
SAP enterprise solutions
Enterprise platform support
SAP architecture design


Whether you are just getting started on your digitalization journey, or about to reach a fully-servitized business model, we've got your back. Using agile development methodology, we stay by your side every step of the way. Agile development helps us maintain the ability to redirect development efforts as and when needed, based on data and feedback gained from customers or other ecosystem stakeholders.


Verification of value creation

We can help you identify use cases that drive servitization, such as market shifts or operations bottlenecks. We can help assess the expected financial impact of different development initiatives and prioritize them. Furthermore, we can map the impacts the initiatives have on internal and external stakeholders.


Purpose-built data and system architecture

To help with your IT/OT convergence, we identify all relevant processes, systems and data sources. We can evaluate your current architecture and assess which internal stakeholders need to be engaged. We then design a system and data architecture that serves your needs well into the future.


Sustainable solutions are agile

We use agile development with clear roles both for business and SW development. We then create a roadmap with a development backlog based on selected criteria. We help pick the technologies that can fulfill future requirements and lead development and deployment using appropriate gates and processes.