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Amanda Goman – building relationships with key stakeholders


For the past one-and-a-half years, Amanda has worn two hats at Vincit ­– that of a Business Development Director and also an Account Executive. 
“As a Business Development Director, I build new business opportunities at Vincit,” says Amanda. “It’s a job that requires constantly screening our customers’ needs and figuring out how we can best solve their problems and provide value with leading market solutions.” Her playing field is the SAP ecosystem and the primary challenge is the move into cloud ERP, which requires changing mindsets about how SAP solutions are delivered. 
In addition to business development, Amanda also works with customers as an Account Executive. “Building relationships with key stakeholders is what I really enjoy about this job.” So much so in fact that Amanda is transitioning to a pure Account Executive role. 

The flexibility to shape your future

At Vincit, personal development and growth are both taken very seriously. Vincit wants people to take charge of their careers and develop in ways that suit them. Vincit supports skills development and encourages Vincitizens to take whatever career steps that feel exciting. The goal is also to ensure that Vincitizens continue to learn and stay competitive in the job market. 
“I want to be excellent at what I do, and with a dual role, there’s always a feeling of something left undone,” explains Amanda. “Since customers are at the core of what we do, focusing all of my energy on account management makes the most sense for me and the company as well.” 

Vincit also takes work-life balance seriously and wants to offer a flexible approach to Vincitizens. “Here, I’m able to build my days and weeks as I wish – I’m master of my calendar,” says Amanda. “Results matter more than being in the office for a set number of hours.” 

A community of professionals

“The people we have at Vincit is what I like about the company. We have really talented professionals here,” says Amanda. Vincit prides itself on creating communities and fostering connections between the people working here. “With some people working from home, others hybrid, people still want to connect. I’ve found a community here and I firmly believe new Vincitizens will find one that suits them too.”  

And Vincit is continuing to build top talent to take the company forward. Vincit’s goal is to produce amazing digital experiences for customers in Europe and the US – and that requires skilled senior professionals with a diverse set of skills. 

“Overall, I like the direction the company is moving in,” explains Amanda. “We’re building a combination of skillsets that are required in the future and that the market doesn’t offer at the moment. With the people we have working here, we can meet the needs of our customers – and it means we don’t just offer one solution but we can solve a wide range of problems.”

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