Shawn Wang Mix! (aka SWYX)

Tiffany Hall
August 26th 2019

The amazing SWYX learns in public with us in the duck pond!

This week we welcome Shawn SWYX Wang into the duck pond!
Shawn's mix is possibly the most uplifting podcast we have to date. He started his developer journey when he left behind a very successful position in finance, and has been encouraging developers and techies to pursue their dreams and interests (publicly) ever since!
Shawn travels across the world to share his knowledge with the software development community via conferences and demonstrations. He encourages others to do the same despite possible discomfort, embarrassment or imposter syndrome because he believes teaching others is the best way to learn for yourself. It also has the added benefit of improving the world.
Read Swyx's Learning Gears post, linked below, to learn more of his no-so-secret secrets! Thanks for the boost of motivation and all of the learning tips Shawn!
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Listen to Shawn SWYX Wang on Duck Tapes >> https://anchor.fm/ducktapes/episodes/Swyx-Mix-e517kc
Netlify, Great for Learning in Public! >> https://www.netlify.com/
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