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Contentful – making composable content possible


Contentful is a leading provider of content management systems (CMS). They offer a composable content platform that Vincit can use to build exactly what customers need when it comes to websites or mobile applications.  


“Our platform helps Vincit to build amazing digital experiences – and we work in close collaboration to make this as smooth as possible,” says Johannes Jonsson, Partner Manager Nordics for Contentful. 

Making content management better

Contentful was the first in the market to offer a headless CMS, which offers many benefits for Vincit. Developers can use any frontend system they want, increasing flexibility and ensuring a more future-proof solution. Content can also be easily delivered across multiple channels like websites and mobile apps, which is key for creating a good omnichannel experience. 

In order to ensure that Vincit gets the most out of the system, Contentful offered training in two main tracks. The first was sales enablement, which included how to pitch Contentful, what kind of customers to look for, and account mapping. The second was technical enablement, which includes self-paced learning, instructor-led learning, and an exam. The end result is certified Contentful developers.


Ensuring close collaboration 

Vincit in turn wanted to make sure that Contentful is fully onboard and able to collaborate easily. Key people in both companies communicate via Slack whenever needed and meet face-to-face as often as possible. 

“Our collaboration is very positive. Vincit is very knowledgeable and has a good reputation in the Finnish market. They’re good at building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers,” concludes Johannes.