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Varaani – providing experienced developers for Vincit projects


Varaani is a software consultancy that does software development, UI/UX design, and software audits. 


“Our experts help customers in every facet of software production throughout the lifecycle of the software, from design to technical implementation and maintenance,” says Timo Kallela, CEO of Varaani. “Our consultants are used to working with the client for long periods of time – a lot of our team have been working with a client for years.”

A diverse range of projects with Vincit

Varaani helps Vincit by providing development expertise when needed. They’ve worked on several projects with Vincit. For example, they are part of a team helping a Finnish-based startup to produce a language learning app. They’ve also worked with the public sector as a project manager and to develop a VR application for a major tech company. 

“There are a wide range of projects with Vincit and we can help them when they need developers. Vincit gives us better access to customers – through Vincit, we can work with large companies and the public sector,” explains Timo. 


 Close and smooth cooperation

“Vincit is a close and important partner for us,” says Timo. The two companies are in close communication and Varaani is part of Vincit’s Slack channel to make communication as easy as possible. When Slack is not enough, they have meetings either online or face-to-face.   

“Working with Vincit is easy. There is not a lot of bureaucracy and everything is straightforward. It’s all about smooth cooperation. We help each other to grow bigger and better,” concludes Timo.