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Spatineo – helping Vincit with geospatial expertise


Spatineo is one of the leading Finnish experts in supporting organizations to make data a real asset. The company provides expert consultancy, services, and software products to help with geospatial web services and geospatial data infrastructure. 


“Spatineo’s primary specialties are software development, cloud services, and geoinformatics. We’re experts in measuring business and technology performance with the aim of making data flow in a way that is valuable for everyone,” says Oskari Häkkinen, CEO of Spatineo.

Good cooperation with Vincit 

Spatineo has been bringing their expertise to Vincit projects. They’re currently working on a big public sector project for healthcare as test managers and creating test automation. They’ve also assisted with a machine learning project for the education sector. In addition to taking part in projects, Spatineo has worked closely with Vincit sales to create tenders for new projects.

While Spatineo offers specific expertise to Vincit, Vincit can also support Spatineo with a broader set of expertise and more resources when it comes to team size – as a small company, Spatineo often can’t participate in big deals alone. 


An easy onboarding process   

Vincit relies on partners when needed to fill capability gaps and offer the best service possible to customers. Part of Vincit’s approach is to make sure becoming a partner is easy and that they feel like an integral part of the company.  “It was quite easy to become a partner, and the process happened quite quickly,” says Oskari. “There is not a lot of bureaucracy at Vincit.” 

In order to make sure the company can easily communicate with Vincit, Spatineo is part of Vincit’s Slack channel. The two companies meet when needed, both face-to-face in Helsinki and Tampere but also online. In this way, Spatineo can keep up to date with all needed information and work closely with Vincit, both on projects and sales prospects. 

“Looking ahead, we feel like we can continue to add value to Vincit with our geospatial web services and geospatial data analytics – giving them access to expertise they don’t have,” concludes Oskari.