Looking back, Vincit USA 2020

Ville Houttu
December 29th 2020
It’s getting close to the end of 2020, and I thought it was an excellent time to take a look back at what we’ve accomplished. This year, of course, was very unique and introduced unprecedented challenges to everyone all over the globe. Like several businesses, Vincit became agile and quickly pivoted operations and strategy. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of our team in 2020. Here are a few of the many I’d like to reflect on:

Adapting to Covid - Pandemic Support

Early on, as most companies, we asked the begging questions of “What do we do now? What do we do differently?” and as we progressively adjusted to the world as it now is, we started asking the simple question, “how can we help others?”
As individuals, we decided to dedicate our time to support. As a company, we dedicated our services through a new ‘Pandemic Support’ offering with the goal to provide companies, impacted economically by the pandemic, a road map and the ability to accomplish their software development needs that would position them to take more of their business online.
We are proud of our team members and their contributions to this effort and to the community of support that allowed us to participate during these unusual and challenging times.

Office expansion, for a third time

Yes, you read that right. While some businesses have chosen to close offices, we’ve decided to expand. We believe strongly there is no better time to prepare for growth than when things are slower. We’ve strengthened our workforce in 2020 and plan to grow even more aggressively into 2021.
With our expansion, we’ve prepared for new hires and as office needs have changed with a more hybrid model of remote and office working, there's a clear need for more spacious settings and private rooms. We’re thrilled about our new space and the safe and vibrant working environment we are able to provide our team.
Here’s a sneak peak at our new space:

Vincit Talks goes Virtual

Since 2018, Vincit Dev Talks has brought together a community of industry leaders, developers, and designers for an evening to discuss the latest news and trends in tech. When the pandemic hit and all in-person events were canceled, we decided to take our widely popular and much-anticipated event to Zoom.
Expanding on topics and discussions, we’ve also slightly rebranded to ‘Vincit Talks’, engaging great conversations around technology, design and user experience, and company strategies.
Someone forgot to caption me
Someone forgot to caption me
We are thrilled to continue Vincit Talks into 2021, so be sure to follow us for future updates and invitations.

New SVP of Strategy & Partnerships

During these unprecedented times, there has been an increase in the need for an impactful online presence. Vincit was seeking a reputable leader with the ability to help our clients with their digital strategy and offline-to-online transformation. Sean Richards, our newest Senior Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, is charged with that role.
Sean joined Vincit earlier this Summer and brought a truckload of digital marketing experience to our team. As we venture into 2021, Sean will play a significant role in the continued growth of Vincit USA through strategic partnerships, marketing and delivering premium customer experiences.
Someone forgot to caption me
Someone forgot to caption me

Global, National, and Regional Recognition

Our customers are our top priority. Our work is our passion. We do what we do because we love it and it shows through our customer service and our dedication to our employees. We have been humbled and grateful to have received the following recognitions in 2020 that honor our dedication.
  • Fast Company - Top 100 globally Best Workplace for Innovators
  • Orange County Register - Top Workplaces (Third Year Running)
  • Orange County Business Journal - Best Places to Work in Orange County (Third Year Running)
  • American Business Award - Bronze Achievement in Human Resources
  • Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation
  • Finalist for Best Tech Work Culture at Timmy Awards
Someone forgot to caption me
Someone forgot to caption me

Accomplishments with our clients

We cherish our clients, as all business should, and as we look back at what we’ve accomplished for our clients this year, we do so with great pride. Here are a few of the many project highlights of 2020:
Urban Armor Gear - After a successful website launch in 2019, we’ve spent the year in partnership with the UAG team executing, testing and refining new conversion funnel improvements to the UAG website in effort to help achieve their key digital marketing goals. A true testament to partnership and demonstration of a continuous delivery of digital transformation.
SixThreeZero - We were excited to help with the delivery of the ‘Body Fit’ web tool for SixThreeZero in early 2020 to support the exponential growth of their buyer audience. This set the tone for our continued relationship with SixThreeZero and when they determined it was time to reimagine their online and mobile presence, we were thrilled to continue our partnership. We’ve been working hard and can’t wait to launch a refreshed eCommerce website and mobile app in 2021.
Anchor Logics - For this incredible medical device company, we happily and successfully launched a data visualization platform integrated with a variety of gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. Anchor logics focuses on people with neurological balance issues, by providing custom made weighted compression vests. Patients first walk with a neutral vest, record balance issue tendencies, then continuously place additional weights in strategic places based on an algorithm. The delivered platform reads, displays, analyzes, and suggests improvements based on the data.
Captive Eight - This year, we proudly launched a members only networking portal for various business owners across the country to network more efficiently and with great benefit to the members. The idea is to network, but when you have a new business initiative, i.e. expanding distribution or new technology implementation, the network matches your business with another business that has executed a similar initiative to consult each other. Captive Eights helps connect people with purpose and value. We look forward to our continued partnership in 2021.
Kwiver - If you’re like most people, you started getting outside more this year while working remotely. Bicycle purchases have risen significantly in 2020. Kwiver is helping solve for what happens after your purchase. Knowing how, when and where to maintain your bicycles has been incredibly easy with the new Kwiver bicycle maintenance app, proudly launched in November. Ride little or ride often, be sure to download the app here (link) to make bicycle maintenance easy.
Amway - Phytochemical Database Application. Amway manufactures health supplements. They research, source, produce, and use a huge variety of plant-based chemicals as ingredients. The PDA is the “single source of truth” system for all the botanical research, chemical, regulatory, product, and production information.
Virtual Touring Mobile App - Our valued real estate client identified early during the pandemic there was a need accelerate technology within their customer experience to allow for safe and comprehensive touring of their communities. While online virtual tools are an option, it doesn’t meet the customer need to truly experience the spaces they want to live in, visualize their lives within it, and explore the surrounding community. With this newly launched app, a prospective customer can physically tour by navigating a predetermined tour route, touchless-ly enter and exit spaces along their curated journey, and engage with detailed information through the app along the way.

In closing…

As you may know, our two most important KPI’s for Vincit are Happy Employees and Happy Customers. I can’t express enough how proud I am of our dedicated team members throughout 2020, who faced unexpected challenges and significant adjustments to their daily work experience and who rose above and beyond expectations of delivering exceptional experiences for our customers.
I thank our loyal customers who trust us with technology needs and allow us to innovate and deliver engaging user experiences to support critical business goals. We look forward to our continued partnership into 2021 and beyond. I wish happy holidays and a prosperous new year in 2021!
Peace, Love & Code

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