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Wholesale and retail

Data-empowered digital commerce

To stand out in the global competition, wholesale and retail companies need to tap into process and customer data and think about the value they can extract from analytics. 

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Manufacturing industries

Customer-centric, data-led manufacturing

For manufacturers, true digital transformation starts by envisioning where in the value chain can data be applied to make a difference.

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Public Sector

Accessible and intuitive public services

All public sector services should be designed to serve citizens first. Digital solutions and applications must be easy to use, despite physical and cognitive disabilities.

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Energy and utilities

Dynamic and resilient energy economy

Digital processes and data-led services help energy and utility sector companies develop a stable energy offering with transparent, customer-centric services.

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Digital platform economy

Fast-tracking innovative business models

Shared platforms offer fast entry to new markets, cost-efficiently and scalably. But lasting value add comes from cross-industry collaboration and linking products with complimentary services.

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Banking, finance and insurance

Agile business, customer-centric services

Digitally disrupted, the companies in the banking, finance and insurance sector must actively innovate new approaches to build omnichannel customer experiences that fully utilize data.

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Medical devices manufacturers

User-centric healthcare applications

While medical device software is strictly regulated, there's room for innovations that make life easier for patients and caregivers. Stable and secure data flow is a must.

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Career Stories

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant

Career story, Marianne Cairenius: Turning data into business insights

“Coding is a valuable skill in the marketplace, yet you don’t necessarily have to be a developer to enter a career in technology. The customer mindset and willingness to learn, however, are a must,” says Marianne Cairenius, SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant.

August 9 2022

Career story, Heini Karjala: Happiness as center of gravity

Energy and Wellbeing Specialist Heini Karjala’s main task is to create positive working environments where individuals can thrive. “When people are well, they shine,” she says.

August 9 2022

System Administrator

Career story, Petri Lahti: Keeping the world revolving

Petri Lahti’s technological awakening took place at the beginning of the 80s when he discovered an inspiring book in the library and found a ZX Spectrum under the Christmas tree. Now this code-savvy administrator makes sure that the clients’ world keeps revolving as...

April 26 2022

Design Director

Career story, Anna-Maija Ohlsson: A service designer draws inspiration from people

Design Director Anna-Maija Ohlsson worked as a service designer long before the concept of service design had even seen the light of day. Today, this social sciences graduate creates concepts, designs things from a user-centered perspective and provides customers...

April 26 2022

Software Consultant

Career story, Pauli Aho: Feet on the ground, head in the clouds

Pauli Aho is an experienced software developer whose years in the field have given him perspective to appreciate his current job description. Pauli is currently involved in the insurance provider If’s projects, but in his free time this talented and positive...

April 25 2022

System Architect

Career story, Hannu Fonselius: A love for C64 led to a career in system architecture

As the story goes, when a parent purchases a Commodore 64, a new system architect is born. In addition to playing games on his father’s C64, young Hannu Fonselius soon discovered its BASIC interpreter and a love for programming. This sparked a lifelong interest in...

February 15 2022

Career story, Kimmo Nahkamäki: Putting your team and clients first

Account Director Kimmo Nahkamäki may be a fresh face at Vincit, but the seasoned IT veteran instantly hit it off with his team in his first major project. Now Kimmo is convinced that Vincit is where he truly belongs.

February 15 2022

Software Developer

Career story, Saija Saarenpää: A broad skill set as a gateway to success

Saija Saarenpää is a passionate software developer who in addition to her development work at Vincit also does graphic design. When it comes to work, Saija enjoys learning new things and developing her skills on a wide spectrum. Her free time is filled with Lego...

January 18 2022

Software Developer

Career story, Johannes Martikkala: Community drives personal development

Software developer Johannes Martikkala joined Vincit through the Rising Star program. As a genuine people person, Johannes enjoys Vincit’s relaxed atmosphere and thrives in group work, drawing inspiration from his colleagues’ never-ending enthusiasm. In his spare...

January 18 2022

Software Developer

Career story, Shi Zhen: Starting a New Job amidst a global pandemic

Shi Zhen is a software developer – a Vincit newbie – who started working at Vincit at the beginning of March 2020 – right before the Corona pandemic started. The circumstances were challenging, but thanks to the Vincit’s well-thought onboarding process, it was easier...

November 23 2020