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A Day in the Life (of a Software Developer)

How one of the Beatles’ most famous songs is actually a groundbreaking early look at life in the tech industry
John Haupenthal
Jun 6

5 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

Creating a culture where people have a sense of ownership and they feel appreciated
Mikko Salokangas
May 28

Getting started with Storybook 5.0 for React

Otto Kivikärki
Mar 25

An Introduction to React Hooks

A quick-look at the possibilities of React Hooks.
William Strong
Mar 15

Overview of Mobile Development Frameworks in 2019 | Native, React Native, Flutter and Others

This is part of a series of blog posts written over the last six years. The blog posts are about mobile development technologies. They don't go really deep into the technical details, but rather provide an overview of the techs: when you should use them and when not to.
Juha Riippi
Mar 6

Aloha from JSConf Hawai’i!

Vincit visited JSConf Hawai’i in February 2019. Here's our findings about the conference.
Petteri Roponen
Feb 21

The Story of the Bus... and My Encounter with the Irvine Police

Ville Houttu
Feb 6

Kickstart your GraphQL API with Hasura

We will take a look at how we can accelerate our GraphQL API development using Hasura.
Turkka Mannila
Feb 1

Product Owner Wanted

Here are a few of the most common Product Owner related issues that many development teams are experiencing
Mikko Salokangas
Jan 25

2018 Second Anniversary Update with Video

As we race into 2019, here is a quick video and update of all the exciting things that happened for Vincit California in 2018
Rachel Valentine
Jan 3

How to Use RxSwift with MVVM Pattern – Part 1

This article is all about how to use RxSwift with MVVM. RxSwift has been a hot topic in the swift community for a few years now, but somehow I've managed to avoid it.
Jussi Suojanen
Oct 23

Fixing YAML for Fun

In case YAML is not a familiar term, it brands itself as a "human friendly data serialization standard", and as such it's one of the most common configuration file formats that are currently in use.
Eemeli Aro
Sep 20

Officially launched #codedinoc tonight at DevTalks! Thankful to have had Dr Glenn Roquemore, President of IVC tell the crowd why @MyIrvineValley joined

Sep 7

Suck Less: A Quick Introduction to Accessibility

Ever made an app that is impossible to use? There’s a chance you have. Technology users are a diverse bunch, which means that some of your users are using your app much differently than you would expect.
Tuukka Ojala
Apr 17

SummAR of ’17 Part 2: Development Edition

In a previous blog post about my summer at Vincit, I went over some general information and user experiences about HoloLens. This post picks up right where the last one ended and offers some insight in to the development process for HoloLens.
Eemeli Heinonen
Jan 12

SummAR of ‘17

Even though Augmented Reality is still young, the AR hype train is gathering momentum steadily, as more and more companies invest in the technology.
Eemeli Heinonen
Dec 5

Code Monkey in Defense of Good Design Work and Tight Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

There often is quite a bit of confusion about what “UX designers” and “service designers” actually do in a software project.
Antti Martikainen
Nov 30

How we stream events at Vincit

Vincit was founded in Tampere in 2007 but it has since expanded to Helsinki, Turku and all the way to California. Every month we have an internal meeting where we go through what has happened during the previous month. Here's how we do it.
Antti Pulakka
Oct 5

Empty Promises and Other Heresay

How functional programming in Clojure made me a better person
Toni Vanhala
Aug 30

Software Development 450 Words Per Minute

“Something’s a little bit off here.” That’s what I predict your first thought to be upon seeing my cubicle for the first time. There’s no screen or mouse in sight. Instead there’s a guy hammering away on a keyboard, staring at seemingly nothing.
Tuukka Ojala
Aug 28

First Year at Vincit California

We've got a "Fun Committee" who come up with fun team building events each month. There's no stuffy CEO coming up with painfully boring events, the team plans them.
Ville Houttu
Aug 23

Five more reasons why buying software development could save your startup (Part 2)

Hopefully, you read my colleague and my own writing about how to buy a so-called development rescue a startup company. I will continue to list with five more reasons that will come from a business perspective.
Toni Mikkola
Jun 26

Five Ways to Rescue a Startup by Buying Software Development

Subcontracting is stupid. I used to believe in this statement with all my heart. Especially outsourcing software development gave me an image of big balls of mud being produced by a faceless herd of Elbonian programmers.
Toni Vanhala
Jun 12