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How to Select Your Software Development Agency

Get to know the people behind the service. The road to success is paved with asking the right questions. Select a supplier that is able to give you convincing answers.
Hans Vallden
Jan 21

Duck Tapes Transcript: Rematch and Dimension 7

Make using redux fun again using the Rematch library
Duck Tapes
Jan 14

Experimenting with Style Transfer using PyTorch

I love painting and painting is fun. What's also extremely fun is using a fascinating technique in Deep Learning known as Style Transfer to make an ordinary picture assemble some most famous artists' styles and create your very own piece of art. In this post I will show you some fun experiments I did with various styles.
Yijiao Wang
Jan 2

Duck Tapes Transcript: Native Modules and Blockchain with Adem Bilican

Adem Bilican plops into the duck pond this week to share his experience coming from native development with Java and Objective-C to working in React Native. Adem gives his advice (and encouragement!) regarding how to create your own native modules and exposing native functionality to the javascript thread. Also, he tries to get me to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency (with varying success).
Duck Tapes
Dec 23

Introduction to Kubernetes: Part 2

Curious about how Kubernetes works? Here's the second part of a blog post that will help catch you up to speed.
Ryan Padilla
Dec 20

Vincit California Named To The Clutch 1000 For Our Stellar Development

At Vincit California we are excited to announce that our top-notch custom software development and our glowing reputation have earned us a spot on the 2019 Clutch 1000.
Ville Houttu
Dec 12

Introduction to Kubernetes: Part 1

Container orchestration, controller managers, worker nodes with kubelets, what does it all mean? If you're confused or just curious about Kubernetes, you've come to the right place.
Ryan Padilla
Dec 10

Duck Tapes Transcript: Code School life with Alex Aranda

In this episode, Alex Aranda discusses his current enrollment in a coding bootcamp, his motivation for switching careers, and strategies for his job hunt in the tech industry after he finishes the program.
Duck Tapes
Dec 9

Agile Development in a Nutshell

Do you speak the same language as your software development supplier? Are you on the same page? Are their operations transparent enough? Or is your project in danger of crashing off the road in the first curve?
Mikko Salokangas
Dec 3

Duck Tapes Transcript: James Snell's NodeJS OC Talk

James Snell recently spoke at a NodeJS OC event, giving a presentation entitled "A QUIC bit of fun with Node.js." Read a full transcript of the talk here.
Duck Tapes
Dec 2