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Why and How to Outsource Software Development

When properly utilized, outsourcing can help streamline your business operations more strategically and help you gain a competitive advantage. In software development, outsourcing can yield the highest quality results most efficiently but it's significant to know when and how to outsource software development.
Hans Vallden
Nov 18

OAuth 2.0 and OIDC: what should I know about tokens?

This blog post discusses tokens and their implementation considerations used by OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocols.
Petteri Roponen
Oct 23

Rachel Valentine Mix!

Rachel Valentine joins us this week on Duck Tapes! Rachel excels as the Head of People for our Vincit California offices, and this week she shares how YOU can impress her and ace all of your future developer interviews! Listen Today!
Tiffany Hall
Oct 14

Jonny Burger Mix!

Jonny Burger joins us this week on Duck Tapes! Jonny is a serial hackathon participant and Winner, an independent app developer, and a dedicated runner (over 1337 days in a row!!) Learn his secrets to success in this week's episode!
Tiffany Hall
Oct 7

Laurence Bradford Mix!

Laurence Bradford joins us this week on Duck Tapes! Laurence is the founder of the immensely popular Learn to Code with Me podcast and blog! She has dedicated her career to educating and encouraging developers as they continue to practice their skills and grow their careers! Today, you can Learn to Code with Laurence on Duck Tapes!
Tiffany Hall
Sep 30

3 Reasons Why You Should Recognize Your Supplier

Healthy client-vendor relationship is always a two-way street and software development is no exception.
Ville Houttu
Sep 23

William Candillon Mix!

William Candillon joins us this week on Duck Tapes! William is the creator of the YouTube series 'Can It Be Done in React Native?', and is sharing his tips and tricks for solving beautifully complex mobile animations in React Native! Listen Today!
Tiffany Hall
Sep 9

The New Features in React DevTools 4

An overview of the changes added to React DevTools 4.
William Strong
Aug 28

Shawn Wang Mix! (aka SWYX)

The self-taught, public learning SWYX joins us on Duck Tapes! Currently working with Netlify's DX team, he strongly advocates for people to learn in public!
Tiffany Hall
Aug 26

Nader Dabit Mix!

Nader Dabit shares his AWS expertise! DevOps is more intimidating than it is difficult, especially with AWS Amplify.
Tiffany Hall
Aug 19